Thursday, June 18, 2015

00694 Red Waves

Cinema 4D experiment using a plane with wind and shatter effectors. Composited in After Effects.

I could play with this sh1t forever.

Note to self: Don't play with this sh1t forever and look into getting out more.

Monday, June 08, 2015

00693 3D printed KAP rig

We're going on holiday soon and it seemed like a good idea to revamp the collapsible KAP rig I've been toting round for years.

There's a simple model that the poles go in and, first in the video, there's a slightly more elaborate one, with which you can store the poles when transporting the rig. I'll do pictures when it arrives.
There's also new hangups - ditto with the images.

00692 Crystal ball

It's crystal ball time again, which means stuff which is hard to see, upside down.

And awesome.


Sunday, May 24, 2015

00691 Trampoline

Take one small girl, add trampoline and GoPro.

Mix and serve:


00690 Chris Foss

So me and Tom went to see Chris Foss and we sat there while he talked and painted and drew in the back of my book.

I said, "Can I take a picture of you working?"

He said, "Can you make a video of it?"

I said, "Sho' can."

And so I did.

That was it BTFW.

The finished picture looked something like this (technically it looked exactly like this):

Chris Foss Illustration

So basically an epic afternoon learning airbrush skillz from the man who illustrated the Joy of Sex (and heavily influenced the shape of modern day science fiction).

Not bad, not bad at all.

00689 Fermain again (Fermagain)

There are few better ways to enjoy your surroundings than turning part of them in to tiny boats, IMHFO.

Fermain Pooh Stick

Fermain Pooh Stick

Fermain Pooh Sticks  Fermain Pooh Stick  Fermain Pooh Stick

Fermain Pooh Sticks


Saturday, May 16, 2015

00688 Fermain, man

Man, it's colds in the sea right now:

Fermain Pooh Stick

Fermain Pooh Stick  Gerber  Fermain Pooh Stick  Materials

Fortunately, stubbing my toes on the rocks distracted me enough to be able to take pictures.

While grimacing.

Monday, May 04, 2015

00687 Spindly moving twisty thing

I am really struggling for a name for this one:

It's kind of an evolving, dynamic, snake-like spiral with sort of textured bits and stuff.

See? Really difficult. I'd almost go for impossible.

00686 Ninja Warrior

Ninja Warriors are excellent at doing up seat belts (although this video fails to demonstrate that), so that's why I've picked a Ninja Warrior to be the guy who shows people how to do up seat belts in the new aircraft safety video that I'm making at work.


00685 Londres a Paris au Velo

Or whatever the French for four days in the sunshine riding through the Normandy countryside.

Followed by a sherbet.

C'est la Guerre, mes amis.

00684 3D Jewellery

Following the awesome of the rockets, I drew up some images of our house, seen from the top (some people call that a plan view - whatever)

House pendant drawings

Then extruded them in Cinema4D and output them as a 3D model for Shapeways to print up in wax and cast in silver:

House pendant

Jonah also did a design and I made that up in 3D as well:

Jo's pendant

Pretty sweet.

00683 Petit Port and the Bathing Pools

And although I'm sitting inside on a rainy day, when I made these it was as if the Summer had pitched up and was here to stay.

After which it realised it had left it's wallet at the restaurant it just came from and had to go back.

Petit Port:

Petit Port Pooh Stick

Materials     Petit Port Pooh Stick

Petit Port Pooh Sticks


Bathing pools:

Bathing Pools Pooh Stick     Bathing Pools Pooh Stick

Bathing Pools Pooh Stick

Monday, March 09, 2015

00682 Rockets from the nether

And as if by magic I have brought the Instarockets in to the real world (via Shapeways) so they can be put in a box.

This is what they look like right now.




So imagine that king of thing ... but in a box.

With lights in.

Inside the rockets.

And the planet.

You get the idea.

Monday, March 02, 2015

00681 InstaRockets

Instead of doing something practical this weekend, I wasted a couple of hours making this for Instagram theme "on repeat":

What a square.