Sunday, February 01, 2015

00680 Zoetropes

So I got to making another spinner, this time with a stepper motor and sticking images from After Effects on the platter and filming them with a bright light and a high shutter speed, so that they work like a zoetrope of the olden days. Turned out nice:

And here's the images that made two of the animations:

Zoetrope Mountains

Zoetrope Rockets

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

00679 Spinny spinner

Stick a motor on a bit of wood and screw it into another bit of wood, glue a big bit of cardboard to the top and program an arduino with a MOSFET to control the motor speed.

And ... SPIN!





Spinner speed controller  Spinner motor setup

Lindsay's card

And repeat.

Friday, January 16, 2015

00677 Balls

Secret Santa this year and the anti's been upped. It's a man in a box picking up balls of light. As usual.


Balls  Balls





Balls  Balls

0676 Video wallpaper

Comes in 5m rolls, 80 cm width.

Used for a dance night down the road. Also an experiment into taking large text files and flowing them over the top of video. I thought about sticking the whole of a film script over the top, as it's just a copy/paste kind of thing, but in the end 80's song lyrics seemed more appropriate. As they always do.

The paint in water stuff is from the last post. The ripples underwater are from my bath:


Ripple rig

0675 Video stuff

I completely forgot to post up the experiments with paint and water, as well as any 3D stuff I'd done (which wasn't much, as most of it's work stuff).

So here's the paint and water things:

A video posted by Lenny (@thisguycalledlenny) on

A video posted by Lenny (@thisguycalledlenny) on

It's the plastic packaging from my GoPro, filled with water, stuck in front of a black background and lit with my bike light. Filmed with a 5D mk2 and a 100mm macro, then messed with in After Effects.

The other bit is some car headlights from Cinema 4D and it's just a test to see how to make trails in After Effects:

A video posted by Lenny (@thisguycalledlenny) on


Monday, January 12, 2015

00674 Scottish Holiday Videos are GO

Generally, when I'm in Scotland on Holiday, I make a film of the whole thing.

When I'm not in Scotland, I don't.

There are limits.

00673 Because Mandala

Sometime I just draw Mandalas:


But most of the time I don't bother.

0672 Tip in the box

When you go to a restaurant, you should always tip your waiter

... by making a little box and putting money in it, along with a note asking your waiter to text "yes" if they find the money.

... and then making a bigger box and putting the smaller box inside it.


I do it all the time now.

... well, once anyway.

0671 Scottish Pooh Sticks

Scottish pooh sticks are go!


Glenmore this Summer.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

00669 Pooh!

 The world has gone to hell in a handcart. Thank goodness the pooh sticks just keep on coming. You have to be able rely on something in this crazy mixed up place. Here's six months worth:



00668 Creative Awards Trophies 2

I fell into a massive Instagram shaped hole and forgot to post for ages. So this is the second half of the Creative Awards Trophies.

As it turned out, I had to scrap the whole idea of the stamp because they wanted a perpetual award and many smaller awards.

In the end, I opted for a "Digital Timecapsule", which seemed to fit the conceptual bit of the brief. Basically, I stuck memory sticks in the base of the awards which are terminated in a mini USB plug, so that the pictures of the work that won the trophy could be uploaded into the trophy itself. It also meant that the Perpetual trophy would contain the work for the winner each year, intead of having those tiny plaques on them for each year's winner. The trophies were supposed to have the judges comments in them, but it looks like people got a whole load of busy and couldn't provide any. So I stuck a placeholder in, containing images of how the trophy was made along with a video with a message to make up for the vacancy inside:

Here's the build images. 
The large dowels were CNC lathed and the end caps and glass for the tops were water jet cut.
Water jet cutting just rules.